June 2017 

A Quinquennial Report is undertaken every 5 years and it is this report that informs the PCC (Parochial Church Council) what repairs and maintenance is required in order to keep the building and fabric of the church in good order.  
The PCC have a responsibility to address these matters and are detailed in order of importance to ensure the building remains sound and watertight. 

The roof leaks and failing rainwater goods were very improtatn to address in order to keep the building watertight.  There are further matters to address also, which requires funding so fund raising, your donations or other planned giving are improtant to see this magnificent church to continue to be an important building in the village. 

Further maintenance and improvements required are:

Deep clean and minor repairs to all Stained glass windows both inside and out 

Improvement to the heating system


External floodlighting to Tower area

Improved Toilet facilities

Update Kitchen facilities 

What have we done ?

Within the last couple of years, there has actually been some small projects under taken which has helped to make quite a significant difference to the Church and Chapter House.  These have been under the guidance of the Fabric Officer with help from volunteers and also invaluable help from the Community Payback Team 

External Doors repaired, stripped back and painted with ironwork refurbished 
Internal doors stripped back and painted 
Trip hazards in the slabs inside church have been filled 
LED Light fittings and bulbs have been installed in church to help with fuel usage
New Curtains installed to help reduce draughts
Bell tower steps repairs and new door installed 
WIFI has been installed along with projector facilities in the Chapter House
Chapter House has been decorated, roof stained and new carpet fitted along with new furniture 

Community Web Kit provided free by BT